The i-cuff is great for all day filming! With a mask and glasses, my viewfinder didn’t fog once. It was super comfortable and really enhances filming!  I would totally recommend the i-cuff to anyone that uses their viewfinder for shooting!

— Zak Boyle


I was genuinely surprised at how damn good it was! Comfortable and easy to use. It's reduced the fogging on my viewfinder and my glasses, all while wearing a mask! Better than any other device out there. Why didn’t I buy one sooner???!! It’s exactly what I’ve needed for the last couple of dozen years!!

— Keith Jacobsen


Unbelievable product!!! Kept my viewfinder fog and rainfree, and stayed on thru 157MPH winds and gusts in our latest round of storms and hurricanes. I'm not taking it off and I’m spreading the word! “See What You’ve Been Missing!”

— Michael Daniels


Great product like nothing else out there. Works both with and without my glasses. Exceptionally comfortable chamois against my face. No more fogging. And doubles as a sunshade when shooting away from my face.

— Solom Chaiya


Fabulous viewfinder eyecup! Blocked the light, soft padded chamois very comfortable, stopped fogging. You need to feature this product. I didn't know about it and no one should be without one.

— Denise Soloway


Thanks i-cuff for providing the best accessory I've every purchased. I'm focusing much more accurately and easier, see far easier due to i-cuff's light blocking and in total comfort with it's padded chamois against my face. When I wear glasses, it wraps around them. There’s nothing else like it on the market. Thanks icuff for a great product!!! i-cuff should come with every camera right from the manufacturer. Goodbye rubber eyecups; you won't be missed.

— Solomon Kreider


BEST GIFT (to myself) EVER! This was the BEST gift I gave myself this year!!! I have no idea how I shot without it all these years. Works with and without my glasses, SUPER comfortable padded chamois, reduced fogging and even protects my viewfinder without falling off. The camera manufacturers should update their stock yucky rubber eyecups with i-cuffs! Thanks i-cuff ;-)

— Nate Kellog


Most comfortable and best light blocking! Works as a shade even when shooting over my head and low underarm. So comfortable after hours of shooting with the chamois in contact with my face. Awesome product. I'm sure to spread the word ;-)

— Jonas Johansen


I don't know how I was able to shoot without this i-cuff all these years. So comfortable, best light blocking hands down and protects my viewfinder. I can use it with and without my glasses. The BEST!!!

— Hillary Halsey


Just bought mine a few weeks ago. I've been using it on a fs7 mk II. Very helpful, especially when shooting with a mask!

— Corey Richardson


Can't Shoot Without It! Everyone needs one of these. It leaves the old rubber eyecup a dinosaur of the past.

— Solomon Hall


Simply AWESOME!!! There is simply nothing like it in the marketplace.The fact that I can use it now with my glasses, and it's super comfortable against my face, especially in the cold weather (unlike the rubber stock eyecup) and it stopped the fogging in my viewfinder.... ALL this for only $. It's a steal ;-)

— Stacey McGovern


Impressive Comfort! The most impressive thing for me is how i-cuff feels against my face in cold winter and hot summer conditions. For comparison I first pressed my face against the rubber eyecup and then placed the i-cuff on top of it. The difference was massive, rubber gets really hot and cold and very unpleasant in these conditions; i-cuff though just doesn't feel as hot or cold, due to it's soft fabric around the edge that touches the face. It really makes me want to use it every time I shoot outside.

— Brian Fuller


i-cuff improves visibility and flexibility when working hand held and especially in challenging angles. I would recommend it if you wear glasses, want to see the frame without necessarily gluing your face to the viewfinder - Used on RED and Alexa and other cameras.

— Tal Dailey


Ace product at such a steal! I bought an I-Cuff and have to say it was probably the smartest purchase I've made in my fimmaking career. I was a little dubious at first, wondering how it could possibly help improve visibility of a screen and be as comfortable as I was told but all skepticism has evaporated now that I use it on a daily basis. I look forward to getting back behind it after using someone else's camera and find it not only blocks more light, it fits my head better, holds my camera steadier and even helps a little doing some dynamic moves I found today so I just really wanted to thank you for making quite such an ace product at such a stupid price: double it! Actually don't. If I ever need to buy another I'd enjoy the good pricing. But seriously: good work!

— Finn Houston


Rubber eyecups are history! Wow... Can't believe I've been using the standard rubber eyecup for all these years! i-cuff is great. Really comfortable. They must be using some sort of suede or something... My viewfinder isn't fogging anywhere near as much... And I can even wear my sunglasses or regular glasses now. This is the real deal and a no brainer!

— Danielle Salvo


Awesome, MUST have. Bottom line. I can't shoot my cameras without them. Solved a problem of comfort, being able to easily cut the light in the viewfinder both with and without my glasses and minimized fogging in the heat and cold. Royal good job!

— Ivan Fandel


One of the most innovative products! For me, the i-Cuff should go down in modern video history as one of the most innovative and useful inventions in 20 years; simple, yet pure genius.I would have to implore every cameraman (or woman, ala Life of Brian movie) on the planet to buy one without delay.

— Nigel Swansen


Saved from the storm! This product is great. I've been covering the latest hurricanes down south for network news coverage. Minimized fogging, protected my eyes and viewfinder and was comfortable against my face for hours of shooting. And it didn't even blow off in 95+ MPH winds.

— Randy Benson


My i-cuff Pro was probably the smartest purchase I've made in my fimmaking career. I was a little dubious at first, wondering how it could possibly help improve visibility and be as comfortable as I was told, but all skepticism has evaporated now that I use it on a daily basis. It not only blocks more light, fits my face better, allows me to hold my camera steadier and even helps a little doing some dynamic moves. I want to thank you for making a fu*%ing ace product at such an unbelievable price!!!

— Finnian Varney


After 30 years I finally succumbed to having to wear glasses. Now being a videographer and having to wear glasses not only pokes at your ego but creates a new challenge to looking through the viewfinder. Sidelight seeps into the eyepiece and because you can't bury yourself into the viewfinder, glare can play funny things on your glasses....in comes the "i-cuff HD".... Excellent !! The i-cuff is cut in a 16:9 configuration and eliminates sidelight. You can look through the eyepiece while wearing your glasses! Thanks i-cuff !!

— Bert Savard


Keeping the light out of a rifle scope is as much of a problem as keeping light out of the viewfinder of a camera. I shoot air rifle field target which is a very high-precision sport. Light from the side or behind makes it very difficult to find the target, especially when it's in the woods. The i-cuff DV works great with or without glasses. If I don't want it, I can slide it forward out of the way. It's soft, so touching it doesn't affect the point-of-impact for the shot. Since I got mine, many other shooters who have seen me using it have gotten one too. It works great for any shooting situation!

— Joe McDaniel


Whether shooting Super Bowls for FOX and CBS in HD, Presidential press conferences for ABC News or Fortune 500 corporate interviews, I'm never without my i-cuff. i-cuff's durability, ( 3 years+ ) is unmatched and its benefits are numerous. It helps block incoming light while doing ground level shots, reduces fogging during wet weather conditions and it's soft, padded Ultrasuede feels great around my eye during lengthy productions. Unlike the rubber eyecup, it doesn't feel like I'm putting an ice cube against my face at Lambeau Field in Green Bay during mid-January.

— Don Cornelli


When I operate my Arriflex 35-3 and SR-3, it has always been a problem for me to verify good focus without my glasses. I have an astigmatism which isn't corrected by simple diopter adjustments. With the i-cuff, I can comfortably wear my specs, judge proper focus, and not worry about light leaks through the viewfinder. Another bonus is that I don't get the chamois residue on my glasses like I would from typical eyepiece covers.

— Christopher Hart


Shooting the Green Bay Packers has placed me under many different extreme conditions from sub-zero temps with sleet and snow to rain, high heat and humidity. With i-cuff I am able to see the whole viewfinder comfortably without fighting the glare of the lights or sun. I can't think of a time that I'd shoot without it!

— Bob Eckberg


There are several distinct advantages to the I-cuff for the hardcore working cameraman. With HD in 24p it can be very difficult to gauge exposure and focus; the I-cuff gives you a comfortable extended black "hood" which really helps you judge the image. Since I'm a field cameraman, I spend lots of time sweating in the heat and fighting stinging eyes and messy eyepieces. The I-cuff absorbs my worst abuse and keeps me shooting clean. Nice product!

— Wes Skiles


I use the I-cuff on both my DVW-700WS and HDW-F900 SONY cameras. The majority of my shoots are done film style and I'm constantly working with the director and crew. So I am able to bounce back and forth from the monitor on the set to the viewfinder without constantly taking off my glasses. It works extremely well outdoors. Thanks for making such a great product.

— Tom McCosky


During the hot, muggy days on the playing fields, I-cuff has been extremely absorbent and comfortable against my face. It's lived up to all its claims... I highly recommend it!

— Deron Anderson


In a world full of gadgets and tricks that make our productions better looking, more efficient, and most importantly: comfortable, the I-cuff stands out. As a prescription eyeglass wearer, (who is not about to give up his glasses), the I-cuff allows me to comfortably view the shot without excessive and distracting glare. If you're spending big bucks on lens shades, matte boxes and viewfinder hoods, why not spend a couple on your most important asset: you're eyes.

— Fujio Watanabe


Shooting with I-cuff during the heavy downpours and extreme winds of the tornadoes kept my viewfinder clear, dry and fog-free. In fact, during the storms my camera tipped over into some mud... I-cuff cleaned right up with soap, water and a drip-dry. Now everyone on staff wants one. I won't be caught without it!

— Brad Nygaard


I-cuff is never coming off my camera... That is, until I sell the camera. It rotates to minimize reflections, prevents scratches to the viewfinder housing and greatly improves my stability when shooting from a Tyler mount when used with my 2X wide-angle eyepiece. It's just like having a studio viewfinder hood on the camera. It's perfect!

— Bill Farnsworth


Fabulous, fabulous... I-cuff is a wonderful addition to the camera. It does everything you said it would and more!

— Mark Falstad


I-cuff does a great job cutting the light and it's extremely comfortable against the face. It's a product that will make life easier and shooting more enjoyable for all of us.

— Ben McCoy