Created by Emmy-Award-winning DP/cameraman Ira "I" Raider, the i-cuff solves the age-old problems encountered with round eyecups—eliminating all extraneous light from entering the viewfinder, reducing fogging, absorbing sweat, and protecting the viewfinder.


For years, it's either been to wear a baseball cap, have someone shield your shooting eye, or throw a large black cloth over the camera and yourself: all less than ideal ways to handle the situation. The i-cuff is the perfect solution.

Ira Raider, who has for over decades specialized in magazine and documentary production for the major TV/cable networks and Fortune 500 companies, invented i-cuff for utility, versatility, and physical comfort.The i-cuff is made from waterproof, breathable, washable, and lightweight hi-tech fabric. Available in 3 different sizes, it's designed to fit all professional and consumer video and film cameras. Its Velcro-tightening strap allows for individualized positioning and personalized fit.

For the ultimate in comfort, the i-cuff’s contoured, wrap-around design features a thick, luxurious ultra-suede chamois, (good for over 100,000 rubs) to cushion your face during long shoots. i-cuff eyecups have been used by professional award-winning directors of photography and camera people worldwide since 1999. They've been displayed at NAB and IBC in the booths of Sony, Ikegami, Hitachi, JVC, Panasonic, Canon, Arri, Red, and Blackmagic.